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EX SOLUTIO ENGINEERING develops and manufactures some of South Africas most advanced mining safety systems ensuring the detection of harmful and explosive gases like CO, Methane, and Oxygen Saturation, and event the detection of dust. 

Our technology is world class, and we even develop I.S Certified Equipment. 


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EX Solutio is an industry leader creating some of the most advanced sensing equipment for the local and cross border mining industry. All our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house, and undergoes rigerous testing ensuring our products adhere to the stringest safety requirements for the mining sector. Our products are designed to give early detection for harmful and explosive gases as for example, methane, CO2 and others. 

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Case for change

Following a number of fire incidents that recently occurred in the mining industry and resulted in major harm incidents, it was decided during 2016 to investigate opportunities for improvement in the effectiveness of the fire detection systems deployed at Sasol Mining.

The underground operations at Sasol Mining is hosting extensive telemetric fire detection systems that are monitored in control rooms at the operations and maintained daily by the telemetric technicians.

These systems mostly use Carbon Monoxide (CO) technology aimed at reacting to the CO concentration released during a condition of incomplete combustion. It is however argued that when smoke, associated with the presence of CO, is generated, the material is already approaching its flash point, leaving an extremely limited margin in reaction time before the open fire occurs.

A number of fire incidents were recorded at Sasol Mining during recent years. Most of these incidents were identified early enough to have prevented major harm. During investigation it was found that none of these fire detection monitors registered CO concentrations that would trigger pre-set fire alarms. All conveyor belt related fires were detected through the early observations by people.

Research intervention

Research was conducted to identify toxic gases that could be measured in the underground mining environment in suitable concentrations that would serve as early warning indicator and trigger emergency response at mines to prevent fires from reaching life threatening conditions.

It was decided to engage the services of some telemetric airborne fire detection service providers to determine what toxins could be used for this purpose.

Only one service provider, Ex Solutio Engineering (OEM), delivered to this expectation and proposed to cover the following chemicals during this research:

HCL Hydrogen Chloride HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
H2S Hydrogen Sulphide
NO2 Nitrous oxide
SO2 Sulphur Dioxide
COCI2 Phosgene
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO2 Carbon Dioxide

This fire detection research with Ex Solutio started during July 2016 at the Kloppersbos research facility of the CSIR where significant conclusions were made about the various toxins evaluated. These findings however needed to be verified, confirmed and benchmarked against normal operating conditions involving a series of underground and surface tests on coal and conveyor belt related fires. The expertise of the by Ex Solutio team was extremely valuable during this research involving various types of belting with and without coal. All these tests confirmed the original finding that concluded the introduction of

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) as a complimentary toxin monitor for the early detection of fires related to coal,conveyor belts and tyres on mobile machinery.

Inus Labuschagne
Senior Manager Ventilation


I, Cornelius, Pieter Smith HRD Manager Anglo American Platinum want to recognise and applaud Ex-Solution team forexcellent contribution toward new training initiatives, deve lopment, technology , and in a major contribution towards Safetyin training.

  1. The design and development of the “Stop-Start” device for training on TM3 machinery which enable the facilitator to still be in control of the training whist even novices are in training on
  2. The emergency training models on surface and underground where a person can be exposed to Risks,Hazards and situation which actually could not be practically executed. Your simulation models open a total new dimension towards this area and the awareness created are extremely heart-warming.

Further to this the attitude of “always” was willing to enter into challenges of research and development in order to establish a safer and improved industry and environment. Willing to take the risk to develop and improve. This speaks of commitment and devotion to best practice in the development of our people.

 Please be applauded from my and the team side. ontact me if there are any queries.