Our Story

Providing CO, CO2, Methance and other harmful gas detection  Services Since 1994

Ashley Erasmus embarked on his mining career in 1989 at President Brand Mine in the Free State as an HT Electrician.

In March 1995 he started work at Joy Mining Machinery where he was the Electrical Team Leader of 35 people responsible of building the vast array of Joy Equipment, and where he completed his Electrical Engineering Technologist Dip.

He was recruited by Trolex SA in May 1999 as an Internal Service Technician and implemented the Mark scheme for Intrinsically Safe and Flameproof Equipment. He also implemented the locally manufacturing of the Intrinsically Safe equipment for the local market and the export market.

In October 2005 Joy Mining Machinery approached him for the position as a Compliance Engineer, and in May 2006 became the Certifications Engineer for Joy SA. He represented Joy SA for two week in a Global Certifications Seminar in the UK.

In February 2009 Trolex SA offered Ashley the position as Engineering Manager.
In September 2010 he started working at Emis Sales (Pty) Ltd as  Project Manager and then as a Product Specialist.

In February 2015 he started at Ex Solutio Engineering(PTY) Ltd as Managing Director South-Africa.  He is responsible for the Connectivity & Engagement with the mining sector specialising as a Total Solutions Provider and Systems Integrations Provider.

Fernando Pita embarked on his Electronic career in 1996 at Technikon Witwatersrand (TWR) currently known as University of Johannesburg where he successfully graduated in a Baccalaureus Technologies (B-Tech) Degree inElectrical Engineering (Light Current). While studying he worked part time at Ramos Electronic Services and for a Coin Operated Business (ATIP Games) for four years.

In April 2000 he started work at Trolex SA as an Electronic Design Engineer.His responsibility’s was  85% concentrated on designing safety systems for the mining industry, environmental monitoring and upgrading older designs, the other 15% involved workshop/project management.
He has been involved in Intrinsic Safedesigns from ib to ia group I, II, III with local and international test houses SIRA (ATEX),SAEx and Explo-labs and now MASC.

He has designed numerous Gas sensors for local and international i.e.: CH4 (Methane –
Local/International mining industries), CO (Carbon Monoxide – for car parking lots in UK and
local/international mining industries), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide – for car parking lots in UK), NO
(Nitrogen Oxide), NH3 (Ammonia), CL2 (Chlorine). Local approval for CH4 and CO designed forlocal certification ia group I and for ATEX ia group I standards.

Continuing with the designs, he designed 4 different Conveyor belt Pullkey systems for local and International markets (with ATEX certification). The 4 designs range from analog system to half analog/digitalsystem to full digital system with SCADA interfacing. SCADA interfacing protocols included
MODBUS RTU and PROFIBUS DP to run on applications such as ADROIT.

In August 2007 Fernando was recruited by NET-1 UEPS Technologies Inc. Here he was designated to the SYSTEM ANALYST in the smartcard department (UEPS = UNIVERSAL ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEM). His responsibilities involve smartcard documentation,firmware maintenance, smartcard support and design of new smartcard functionality and solutions for the banking industry specifically the un-bank sector found in 3rd world countries or areas without online banking infrastructure. Countries included South Africa,Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq and others.

In July 2014 Fernando embarked on a new adventure and joined Ex Solutio Engineering (PTY) Ltd as .

Fernando is responsible for all Intrinsic Safety Designs – Software designs and compliance with the relevant SANS requirements as he has had the relevant experience and back groundaround the mining sector.


About Us


Ex Solutio Engineering (Pty) Ltd: is a proudly South Africa Company that was established in 2011.

Who We Are

We are able and capable to offer a Total Package Solution with the assurance of functional compatibility. Ex Solutio Provides full installation and commissioning services on request to help your company or mining operation become a safer working environment and that you do meet regulatory requirements. Our solutions are certified for Harmful gas detection like CO, CO2, Methane, H2S and many other gases. 

Ex Solutio Engineering sole aim is Client Service and Satisfaction. This underlines every aspect of our organization. We are a fast, efficient and goal orientated Ex Solutio Provider Company with current and future requirements and a vision in mind.

Ex Solutio Engineering is Client Orientated One on One Solutio Provider, We will assist in Client Specific Requirements to resolve the situation with an acceptable client solution and Acceptance to Mine Health and Safety in mind.

Intelligent Intrinsically Safe Equipment:

· Underground Environmental Gas Monitoring
· Fix Gas Sensors Monitoring
· Portable Gas Sensors
· Transportable Gas Sensors
· Data acquisitioning
· SCADA System Development
· Power Monitoring
· Training Simulators – Underground
· Winch Control Systems
· R&D to Client Specifications
· 3D Mechanical Drawings

In this short time frame we have a PCB manufacturing system that complies with the Medical and Military Specifications and ISO Requirements. We also have a PCB assembly and population system that complies with the ISO Requirements. Mass production we can do.

The combined year experience between the two technical teams is 38 years of working knowledge in the Electronic Sensor / Gas and Mining Sectors. The owners have decided to establish Ex Solutio Engineering (Pty) Ltd Company in 2011 to facilitate the known Client and Mining Industry requirements locally. By establishing Ex Solutio Engineering (Pty) Ltd we have the ability to provide such a wide range of monitoring equipment for individual applications that makes us unique in this field.

We have the following technical teams.

· Two hardware design teams.
· Two software programming teams.
· One field service team.

· Technical sales team.

 Mission Status | Vision | Mission

 We have developed the LUCI, an embodiment of the Ex Solutio Technology that automates the understanding – readings and gathers specific information of interest then produces a variety of user friendly reports ensuring advanced early detection of harmful or explosive gases, ensuring personnel safety underground and opencast mines. 

Today the Ex Solutio Technology LUCI Can:
– Semantically understand the statement’s of all type’s of conditions and can express it in a natural language.
– Read through a vast number of captured information.
– Identify semantic relevant information of interest and convert it to a natural language report.
– Report the findings in a useful way.
– The Semantic LUCI Insight, can provide the ability to dynamically identify relevant information from a variety of sources and can construct well structured report.

Full Service, Quality
Safety Solutions

EX Solutio designs to the highest quality standards to SANS 60079 regulations for the worst thinkable environment in mining, for gas monitoring systems, like power supplies, communications, methane sensors and various other hazardous gasses. EX Solutio is a mark scheme holder for manufacturing, design and repair of I.S. Equipment (Intrinsically Safe). All our products are OEM (designed and manufactured by EX Solutio) manufactured in-house and designed locally in South Africa, supplying the local market but not limited to. 

We provide 24/7 support, as well as quick turn around assistance due to our presence in South and Southern Africa. 


29 Schoeman Street,
Alberton - South Africa

85 Larkspur Avenue